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AfterShak is a documentary about the 2015-2016 VCU Basketball team.  With Star coach Shaka Smart gone to the bigger, richer University of Texas, Will Wade hopes to take over the team and win over the hearts the VCU Basketball community.


In 2009, Shaka Smart, a no name assistant from Florida, came to Virginia Commonwealth University as the men's head basketball coach.  After a mediocre first season, Shaka and VCU turned the basketball world over when they made the NCAA final four in 2011.  The miracle run, launched VCU into the national spotlight, both on and off the court.  applications, donations, and general interest skyrocketed.  Richmond was in love.  Shaka was a hero and VCU basketball was on the way to becoming a national powerhouse.  The next four years were not as magical as 2011 but four straight NCAA tournament appearances meant the program was an up and coming presence, with Shaka Smart leading the way.  Then, after the 2014-2015 season, which was plagued by injuries, Shaka Smart left for the University of Texas.  After denying huge schools like UCLA, and declaring himself a father figure to his players, the move came as a heartbreaking shock.


Will Wade takes over in the 2015-2016 season.  The young, analytical, work-horse, is fresh off two seasons as the head coach of Chattanooga.  A former assistant under Smart, Wade declares that VCU will remain the same hard-working, scrappy, underdog team that led them to so much success.  The VCU Basketball community can only wait and wonder if they can find hope in this new, unproven coach.


"Terrific piece on life after Shaka Smart at VCU."

–Jay Bilas