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Rockaways is a music video shot for Solomon Fox, producer for the Durham, NC based band, Young Bull. The video was shot over one weekend at the Chesepeake Bay in Virginia.

The 2018 Run for the Fallen was a 4 month, 6,000 mile run from Fort Irwin, CA to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC. The run honored every fallen service member from the past 18 years by calling out the names of soldiers after every mile. This in depth, immersive documentary will tell the story of this run and explore complex, emotional themes such as life, death, country, and war by hearing from so many that took part in this run.

As the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline threatens to disturb communities and eco-systems across North Carolina, a group of diverse activists rises up to challenge construction. Film produced alongside GreenHero Films, directed by Mikey Pogoloff. Watch the film at

The Regulator is an Independent bookstore in Durham, NC.  Two local musicians talk about why the Regulator is so great!

Hacedoras de Paz (peacemakers) is about the continued struggle with gangs and violence in El Salvador and those who are trying to change the culture by giving kids a different community to lean on.

Unnatural Game is a piece about family relationships and how such a simple sport can bring out the worst qualities in the best people.

Ball City is a mockumentary about a game of one on one that happened over thirty years ago.  Interviews from the current time period highlight the importance of the game and how, 30 years later, it still has an effect on the people involved.