50 Over


Despite the stereotype, golf is a sport beyond the country club.  While it is popular among the wealthy, there is a whole different side to golf that is accessible to the everyman. 


Starting in Portland, Maine and ending in Honolulu, Hawaii, one golfer, one caddy, one friend, and one filmmaker, will cross through every state in America, playing golf in all fifty. 


With minimal money, a time constraint for the ages, and four ready-to-conquer-the-world 20-something-year-old’s packed into a 91 Dodge converter van, golf will take on such a new look that country clubs will start losing memberships. 


Starting in Maine, our excited, naive team will go south through New York, then southwest through west Virginia and Kentucky.  From there, we head due south hitting every state until we dip down into the Florida panhandle.  From there, we head through Mississippi and Louisiana, dip into Texas and head northeast from Oklahoma to Michigan.  Continuing northwest, we find ourselves golfing in Minnesota and North Dakota, then drive southwest, golfing in south Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and then down to the four corners.  Once we hit the Midwest and are officially exhausted, we continue through Nevada and circle through the western states ending up on the western edge of the beautiful state of Montana, where we play 9 holes in the morning, leave our car and board a plane to Juneau, Alaska.  Once in the last frontier and our second to last destination, we sleep, play golf the next day and hop on another plane headed for Honolulu.  In Hawaii, we sleep more, golf in the morning and then, if we are all still alive, we either celebrate like we never have before or, more realistically, sleep for the next 48 hours before heading home.  I love golf!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.09.33 PM.png


Every course we play will be public and cheap.  Our living situations will be minimal, camping most of time, staying with friends and family in certain states, and in desperate times, splurging for the closest motel.  We will eat hot dogs cooked over the fire, McDonalds, a home cooked meal every now and then, bread, soup, cheese, cheap beer, trail mix, whole milk, and lots of pasta. 


“50 over” is about the sport of golf.  Take away the frills of the country club and the manicured grass and the new five hundred dollar Taylormade M2 driver.  Strip the game of its elitist stereotype and golf is just another sport.  A sport that requires patience and skill and a keen sense of your surroundings; a sport that provides a unique take on competition, the player competing against the course as opposed to an opponent; a sport that allows the player to send a small dimpled sphere through gravity, through the breath of the ancient game, through ones’ wildest imaginations of power, landing two, even three football fields away; golf is a sport that, above everything else, is fun.


"Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy, even if you're not good at them"

-Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy